How We Do It

It doesn’t matter if you’re a buyer or seller, REvest Exchange is here to facilitate the sale of real estate private equity and debt interests.

For Sellers:

The REvestEx marketplace provides a streamlined, transparent and effective way to sell your real estate interests. We connect you to leading institutional buyers, family offices, private equity firms, real estate investment funds and private investors. Best yet, our process is designed to maximize asset value while creating liquidity options.

Selling Process:

  • Click on “Sell Your Shares” to complete the information form and upload the required documentation
  • A REvestEX representative will be assigned to help you through the process
  • List your shares
  • Review and accept offers
  • Receive payment
  • It’s that simple!

For Buyers:

We provide the opportunity to invest in real estate private equity and debt investments with a verifiable operating history.

Our marketplace allows you to search, compare, analyze, perform due diligence, and invest in vetted real estate private equity and debt investments that meet your criteria.

Buying Process:

Gain access and start investing today!

REvest Exchange is designed to make the process simple for both buyers and sellers ensuring an efficient and transparent transaction experience.